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Join Us for Compassionate Thanksgiving – November 12th

Heard of our vegan Thanksgiving celebration but have yet to sign up?  This is the year to commit.  Check out the details and registered quickly.  We want you there!







Our Sophie is Famous!  This Little Piggie Nailed her Maternity Photo Shoot!

What for us was a little comic relief in the midst of the levity of our work has caught on and been reported internationally.  Check out the details and see her full photo shoot here.






Amish Retirement Program Works like a Charm

This program is meant to educate the Amish community regarding care of their horses and to give a safe landing for work and buggy horses no longer able to fulfill the requirements needed to remain on a working farm.  2016 has been a great year for our program, bringing in four horses who otherwise may have ended up at auction destined for slaughter.  Our Amish families care for their horses and show concern for where they will end up and how they will be treated.  Meet our most recent Amish horses, Dale and Lucky, both looking for love, sponsorship and a forever home.




The Dodo: Old Horse Has No Idea Her Life Is About To Get So Much Better

The Dodo, a site that is all about loving animals, shared a heartwarming article about Star and our Amish Horse Retirement program. Check it out and don’t forget to share to help us find a sponsor for Star!







Meet our shining Star! Star comes from an Amish family and was brought to us through our Amish Horse Retirement Program. Visit our Animal Sponsorship page to learn how you can help her! Your contribution will go directly towards her recovery. 





Vernon Update!

Check out PETA’s video update that showcases how wonderfully Vernon, now named Koa, has been doing since he’s been adopted by his wonderful loving family. Read the full article here: Abused Pig Cuddling With New Family Will Melt Your Heart



Save your Acme Receipts

Save your Acme receipts from August 11, 2016 through December 31, 2016 and Happy Trails will receive 5% on eligible products! The deadline to submit your receipts is January 12, 2017. For more information on how it works see our Ways to Give page.




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